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    Meet The Equity Group, a Premier

    Investor Relations Firm Founded in 1974.

    We Partner with Companies to Tell their Investment Stories Effectively.

    • Build Awareness & Credibility in the Investment Community.
    • Increase Institutional Ownership.
    • Establish & Expand Research Coverage.
    • Help them Navigate the Capital Markets.

About The Equity Group

About The Equity Group

Founded in 1974, we are an investor relations firm specializing in comprehensive, strategic IR for small-to-mid-cap public companies, pre-IPO companies, and SPACs. We develop messaging and communications to depict each client’s unique story effectively, conduct direct outreach to investors and analysts, counsel on a wide range of IR matters, and provide customized market intelligence. Our work involves high level consulting, day-to-day blocking and tackling, and everything in between. We seek companies that have compelling stories to convey to the investment community, and are led by strong management teams. The Equity Group’s high level of commitment to clients and results-oriented approach drive long client relationships, which average 7 years and often span 10-20 years.

What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

“As I had expected, Sterling has been very satisfied with the quality of the work, breadth of contacts, and the responsiveness of the firm...”

Maarten D. Hemsley, Director & Former CFO, Sterling Construction Company (NASDAQ:STRL)

“They consistently put us in front of reputable investors and analysts that were relevant to our industry and size, many of which subsequently took action.”

David A. Almeida, CFO, Axsys Technologies, Inc. (Acquired by General Dynamics)

“…They consistently demonstrate a strong work ethic, thoughtful approach, and real-world understanding of investor relations. The Equity Group has been a key component of our success.”

Don Pettigrew, Former President & CEO, Repro Med Systems d/b/a KORU Medical Systems (NASDAQ:KRMD)

Key Capabilities


  • Longstanding, solid reputation
  • High-touch approach & high level of commitment to each client
  • History of long-term client relationships
  • Best practices investor communications
  • Professional, non-promotional investor/analyst outreach
  • Trusted advisory leveraging extensive experience
  • Dedicated team averaging 13 years with the firm
  • Efficient, effective and trusted IR solution