Longevity, Reliability, Credibility

Since 1974, clients have relied on our firm for all aspects of their IR programs over the course of long relationships. We have a longstanding, solid reputation within the investment community, which is essential when working with companies to build their own credibility.

Client Focused, Results Driven

We design and implement investor relations programs that are tailored to each client’s specific needs, company profile, management philosophies, and desired outcomes.

Experienced, Dedicated Team

The Equity Group's experienced, dedicated team averages 13 years with our firm, providing clients with continuity, and their stakeholders with a familiar, trusted point of contact.

Adept at Investor Messaging & Communications

We leverage 230 years of collective experience to craft each client’s investment thesis and corresponding positioning statements, messages, and investor communications materials.

Direct Investor/Analyst Outreach & Meetings/Calls

We conduct ongoing, targeted outreach to the buy- and sell-side utilizing our proprietary database as well as external resources, and arrange meetings/calls for clients with relevant analysts and investors.

Efficient & Effective IR Solution

For some clients, we serve as an outsourced investor relations department. For larger companies with an IRO or similar internal capabilities, we provide an array of support services. In either case, we work very closely with clients, functioning as part of the internal team, and we are always keenly focused on making the most efficient use of the client’s time.