More About our Service Portfolio

We assess each client's unique corporate position and investment characteristics and work with the management team to collectively determine the Company’s investor relations and capital markets objectives, and corresponding program. As our client companies develop and evolve, we adapt and refine their programs accordingly.

Investor Communications A Summary of our services

Communication is a vital component of investors’ and analysts’ decision-making processes. Strong financial results are often not enough. Articulating strategy, key metrics and goals, and engaging in a clear, consistent, meaningful dialogue with investors and analysts allows them to develop a richer impression of management, their integrity, vision, and leadership. It is also critical to reassess a company's investment thesis and messaging on a regular basis, and hone communications as appropriate.

  • Investment Thesis & Messaging. The Equity Group develops each client’s investment thesis, key messages and investor communications materials to effectively communicate their story to targeted audiences.
  • Investor Presentation Development. We create highly professional investor presentations, with design, content and flow geared toward bringing forth each client’s key themes and messages.
  • Earnings Communications. We drive and manage our clients’ earnings processes, including drafting and editing the earnings releases, scripts and decks for the conference calls, preparing for Q&A, and managing the calls.
  • IR Website Audit & Development. Based on each client’s need, we will assess a current IR website as compared to best practices, and/or help develop a new one.
  • Investor Information Exchange. We serve as a trusted, knowledgeable source of information about our client companies for investors and analysts.
  • Investor Communications Advisory. We advise our clients on disclosure, communicating outlook and financial guidance, and all other aspects of investor communications

Investor & Analyst Outreach A Summary of our services

Whether a company is just beginning to tell its story, or entering a new corporate life stage and pursuing its next opportunity set in the investment community, we tailor all outreach to suit each client’s unique situation. We cultivate potential investors and sell-side research coverage for clients, leveraging our broad base of contacts, ongoing market intelligence on new contacts, and more than four decades of success matching clients with the most suitable buy and sell-side professionals. At the same time, we work to strengthen relationships with clients’ existing investors and covering analysts. While a company’s performance certainly is the most important component of any IR program, with approximately 13,000 publicly traded companies in the US and many others traded outside the US, it is also imperative to establish, and continually refresh an audience of appropriate investors and analysts that will enable constructive dialogue, proper interpretation and fair valuation of the company.

  • Investment Thesis & Messaging. The Equity Group develops each client’s investment thesis, key messages and investor communications materials to effectively communicate their story to targeted audiences.
  • Investor/Analyst Targeting & Direct Outreach. We market our clients to the most relevant investors and analysts for each company.
  • Non-Deal Roadshows.We arrange in-person meetings and calls with appropriate investment professionals throughout the world, always mindful of making the most productive use of management’s time. Our client base has approximately 2,000 investment community interactions annually.
  • Investment Conference Access, Prep & Coordination. We secure participation in appropriate Investor Conferences leveraging our investment banking and analyst relationships. We prepare clients for conference participation, including creating compelling presentations and providing meeting intelligence. We also manage the associated logistics.
  • Presentation and Q&A Coaching. We assess each management team's presenting experience and style, and coach them in order to help them tell their company's story most effectively. Additionally, we discuss potential questions and advise on responses.
  • Investor Day Organization. We organize and implement well-attended, effective Investor Days at various locations throughout the world, and follow up with attendees to obtain feedback.
  • Relationship-Building in Investment Community. We maintain ongoing contact with analysts and investors and serve as a trusted source of information.
  • Investor/Analyst Relations Advisory. Having worked with many companies and their investment community audiences over the past 40+ years, we leverage that experience to counsel our clients on interactions and relations with their stakeholders.

Corporate Communications A Summary of our services

In conjunction with various forms of investor communications, it is also imperative for companies to have consist messaging across other forms of corporate communications. We work closely with our clients to develop and implement effective, consistent communications to all key audiences and stakeholders, encompassing overall corporate positioning, and reporting on a wide range of corporate developments, situations and transactions.

  • Corporate Positioning & Communications. We manage the development of new websites for our clients, making sure the process moves along smoothly and efficiently.
  • Website Development Management. We market our clients to the most relevant investors and analysts for each company.
  • Management Transition Communications. We have worked with clients during numerous transitions in management teams, planning and implementing a broad range of strategic communications taking all stakeholders into account.
  • Corporate Communications Advisory. We advise our clients on a wide range of corporate communications, always mindful of investment community perspectives.

Drawing on 230 years of combined experience, and the deep knowledge and perspective derived from our long client partnerships, we develop strategies and detailed plans based on each client’s established objectives, and advise clients on a wide range of corporate matters including:

  • IR Plan Development
  • Disclosure Advisory
  • Counsel on Investor/Analyst Interactions
  • Activism Advisory
  • Counsel on Range of Public Company Matters

Market Intel, Analysis & Reporting A Summary of our services

Management teams must stay abreast of their company’s position in the public marketplace, as well as third party views of their company. At the same time, information overload is not productive. We provide the most appropriate market intelligence, tailoring content and format for each client.

  • Customized Peer Monitoring & Analysis
  • Shareholder/Peer-holder Analysis
  • Pre-meeting Intelligence
  • Post-meeting Feedback
  • Institutional Holder Reporting
  • Board Meeting Preparation & Reporting

IPO/Investor Relations A Summary of our services

We support companies throughout the IPO process, including strategic advisory, investment positioning, roadshow preparation, post-IPO planning, and broad-spectrum support in the significant transition to a public company.

  • Investment Banking Introductions & Advisory on Selection. We help clients meet and select the right underwriters for their company, sector, and stage of development.
  • Peer Analysis. We conduct peer analysis, which helps inform the investment positioning we develop.
  • Investment Positioning. We develop compelling and rational investment theses and corresponding messaging, and refine as appropriate.
  • Roadshow Presentation Development. We build effective, well-designed roadshow presentations to clearly portray investment stories and position companies within their competitive landscapes. We also prepare other IPO communications such as news releases.
  • Roadshow Support. We work with underwriters to ensure pursuit of the most appropriate investor targets for each company, oftentimes expanding beyond the banks’ institutional clients, and provide management with background information on investors.
  • Roadshow Q&A Preparation. We prepare management for roadshows by coaching on presentation delivery and Q&A.
  • IR Website. We help clients create new or enhanced Investor sections of their websites.
  • Comprehensive Post-Transaction Planning. We construct a comprehensive, strategic post-IPO investor communications and outreach plan, and develop a well-organized communications infrastructure.
  • Listing Ceremony & Media Interviews. We organize listing ceremonies at the stock exchanges, and media interviews on the first day of trading.
  • Broad-spectrum Advisory & Support in Transition to a Public Company. The transition into a public company is a significant one. We guide our clients in an array of areas to accomplish a smooth transition that builds management and corporate credibility.

SPAC Investor Relations MORE INFO

We have worked with more than 20 Special Purpose Acquisition Corporations (“SPACs”) as they successfully completed mergers with operating companies. Our primary areas of focus for SPACs include developing effective transaction communications, which are vital to the successful completion of a business combination, making investor introductions to support the de-SPACing process and generate post-merger interest, and sell-side analyst introductions to cultivate research coverage. We also leverage our extensive experience to advise on the overall SPAC process, and the transition into a public operating company.

  • Transaction Positioning & Communications. We help clients effectively communicate the merits of the transaction.  We draft all materials to announce and market the transaction effectively, and manage the editorial and distribution process.
  • Strategic Long-Term Messaging. Instead of focusing solely on the transaction, it is vital to set appropriate post-merger expectations that enable public company credibility-building.
  • Investor Introductions to Support De-SPACing Process. We work in conjunction with the bankers to maximize awareness of the transaction amongst the most relevant investor audiences, and arrange meetings/calls with investors as well as participation in conferences.
  • Analyst Introductions to Cultivate Research Coverage. We introduce SPACs to relevant sell-side analysts and support relationship-building, which in some cases has led to pre-merger research coverage.
  • Advisory on Overall SPAC Process. We provide experienced, trusted counsel in support of a successful transaction.
  • Broad-spectrum Advisory & Support in Transition to a Public Company. The transition into a public company is a significant one. We guide our clients in an array of areas to accomplish a smooth transition that builds management and corporate credibility, and develop and implement a strategic post-merger investor communications and outreach plan.

Other Transactional IR A Summary of our services

We support companies throughout the IPO process, including strategic advisory, investment positioning, roadshow preparation, post-IPO planning, and broad-spectrum support in the significant transition to a public company.

  • Follow-on Equity Offerings & Debt Offerings. Oftentimes the participants in our clients’ secondary offerings include a substantial portion of investors that we have introduced to the client over the course of our relationship.
  • Up-listings. We work with clients to facilitate up-listings to NASDAQ or the NYSE.
  • Restructurings/Turnarounds/Transformations. When a company undergoes a restructuring, we develop and implement a comprehensive communications program that addresses all audiences, conveys milestones and expectations, maintains management’s credibility, and fosters confidence in the company’s vision.
  • M&A. Over the years, a large number of our clients have completed M&A transactions of varying sizes in a range of sectors with diverse underlying strategies. We have developed and implemented the associated communication plans, mindful of investors’ points of interest.

Shareholder Activism Counsel & Communications A Summary of our services

Shareholder activism has become a conventional investment strategy, across all sectors. While the mainstream media extensively covers campaigns against larger, well-known companies, much of the recent investor activism has been related to micro and small-cap companies.

We proactively support companies in preparing for activism:

  • Counsel. We advise management and the Board on the activist perspective, common tactics and identifying where they may be vulnerable to activist attention.
  • Market Intel. We track positions taken in companies by activist investors, and provide intelligence on specific activists’ characteristics and campaigns.
  • Perception Studies. We conduct Perception Studies to assess current investor sentiment.
  • Strategic Planning. We develop a plan to implement in the event of activist engagement.

To the extent an activist investor(s) engages with a company, we provide the following activism counsel and communications services:

  • Recommend/Collaborate with Advisory Team. This includes experts in the legal, proxy and investment banking fields.
  • Communications Advisory. We advise management regarding initial communications in response to activist overtures.
  • Communicate with non-activist shareholders. We assess the level of support for the activist proposal and deliver an analysis of findings.
  • Establish and Implement Comprehensive Communications Plan. This spans all phases of the activist campaign.

For many of our clients, we expand investor and analyst awareness through proactive media relations. We take a conservative approach to the media, mindful that not all press is good press.

  • Strategic Earned Media. We secure interviews, feature stories, and inclusion in industry pieces in print and digital media. While our primary focus is on business publications, we also gain traction for our clients by securing placements in respected regional and trade media outlets.
  • Expert Positioning. Positioning our clients as experts in their field is one avenue we pursue for media coverage.
  • Media Training. We prepare management for interviews based on a variety of factors.
  • Media Events. We arrange for media attendance at various types of company events.

We develop and implement social media programs for our clients to generate overall awareness and exposure amongst existing and potential investors, clients, business partners and media.

  • Program Development. We work with clients to develop and manage social media programs on various platforms, with eyes toward both investor and corporate audiences.
  • Policies & Procedures. We establish firm procedures for each client, and ensure that information posted via social media is in line with disclosure regulations (for public companies) as well as company policies.
  • Monitoring & Analytics. We monitor each channel, respond/engage as appropriate and assess/adjust strategy periodically.

ESG Communications A Summary of our services

ESG investing takes into consideration environmental, social and governance factors alongside financial factors in the investment decision-making process. With ESG becoming more and more mainstream, we help companies delve into this topic, and begin down a path towards ongoing improvements and reporting.

  • Assess Current ESG Profile and Third Party Ratings/Scores
  • Compare with Peer ESG Profiles, Ratings, and Practices
  • Identify Areas for Improvement
  • Incorporate ESG Initiatives in Corporate & Investor Communications
  • Report on ESG Improvements

Special Projects A Summary of our services