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The Equity Group Celebrates 45 Years of Investor Relations Excellence

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The Equity Group Inc., one of the industry’s founding agencies is marking its 44th anniversary. NEW YORK, NY – July 30, 2019 – The Equity Group Inc., one of the industry’s founding agencies devoted to the practice of investor relations, is marking its 45th anniversary partnering with companies in a range of industries and geographies.

Founded in 1974 and headquartered in New York City, The Equity Group is one the longest-tenured agencies in the practice of investor relations. The Equity Group continues to advise on, and execute highly professional investor relations programs encompassing strategic communications, buy- and sell-side outreach and meetings, ongoing investment community and media relations, and market intelligence and analysis. Additionally, The Equity Group provides specialized advisory and communications services related to transactions, crises, shareholder activism and perception studies. The firm’s history is rooted in long-term client relationships, which average approximately seven years, with many spanning 10-20+ years.

Loren Mortman, President of The Equity Group, stated, “Since our firm’s founding, we have been steadfast in our commitment to providing sound counsel and the highest quality services to our clients. While each client is unique, and similarly the programs we carry out for them are distinct, they all center around a long-term perspective and involve accurately and effectively depicting each company’s investment thesis, strategic vision and corporate evolution, while cultivating interest amongst the most relevant investment professionals. The overarching goal of IR is to achieve and maintain fair market valuation, but it also comprises corporate communications and impacts various constituencies outside of the investment community, including current and prospective employees, customers, suppliers, creditors, M&A targets, and media. Being perceived accurately by these audiences helps build corporate and management credibility.”

Ms. Mortman continued, “I want to take this opportunity to thank our outstanding team, many of whom have been working together for 10-20+ years. Their commitment to clients and excellence in everything we do is beyond measure, and I am quite proud and fortunate to work alongside this talented, dedicated group of professionals. Likewise, we are all grateful to work with an array of impressive clients, many of which are multiple-decade relationships.”

Ms. Mortman concluded, “We are enthusiastic about our value proposition, in a time where companies can be overwhelmed not only by the myriad responsibilities associated with IR, but also by the wide range of offerings in investor relations. The comprehensive, high-touch approach we have deployed for the past 45 years continues to be beneficial for companies seeking a true long-term partner to help tell their stories effectively and get them heard by the right audiences.”

Founded in 1974, The Equity Group is an investor relations firm headquartered in New York City with expertise in strategic communications, investment community outreach and relations, market intelligence and advisory, with a strong focus on both planning and execution.