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The Equity Group Celebrates 44 Years of Investor Relations Excellence

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Inter Parfums, Inc. NEW YORK, NY – June 26, 2018 – The Equity Group Inc., one of the industry’s founding agencies devoted to the practice of investor relations, is marking its 44th anniversary serving micro- through mid-cap public and pre-public companies in a range of industries and geographies.

For the past 44 years, The Equity Group has been working closely with clients to communicate their investment stories, and build awareness, understanding and relationships within the investment community. This involves deep analysis, thoughtfully crafted communications, highly targeted outreach, and advisory rooted in extensive experience. The firm’s smaller clients outsource the entire IR function, while larger clients engage The Equity Group to focus on areas where their internal IR can benefit from additional support and outside expertise. Client relationships average seven years, with many spanning 10-20 years.

Loren Mortman, President of The Equity Group, commented, “On January 2, 1974, the year of our founding, the DJIA opened at $855.32. A lot has changed since then, and the growth of the stock market has helped drive the growth of our industry. While we continue to evolve to help our clients meet the demands of a dynamic global market, we will never waver on our commitment to integrity, service, and fostering enduring relationships. Every client is unique, and we bring to bear more than 230 years of combined industry know-how to help each company communicate their value proposition. We introduce clients to the most suitable buy- and sell-side professionals, and work to strengthen relationships with existing investors and covering analysts.”

Ms. Mortman continued, “Investor Relations is an essential component for today’s public companies. While the primary focus of IR is achieving and maintaining fair market valuation, IR also encompasses an array of corporate communications and impacts a wide range of constituencies, including current and prospective employees, customers, suppliers, creditors, M&A targets, and media. Being perceived accurately amongst these audiences – not inflating, but rather managing expectations appropriately – helps build credibility and trust. Investor Relations is home to a wide range of practitioners, with varying approaches. Companies must vet firms in a comprehensive manner to make sure they fully understand the methodologies and tactics that will be deployed on their behalf.”

To this end, The Equity Group developed a list of Ten Important Questions that every company should ask before engaging an IR firm:

About The Equity Group Founded in 1974, The Equity Group is an investor relations firm headquartered in New York City with expertise in strategic communications, investment community outreach and relations, market intelligence and advisory for micro through mid-cap companies, with a strong focus on both planning and execution.