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Adler Real Estate
American Vanguard
Apollo Medical
ATA Creativity Global
Atlanticus Holdings
Atlas Financial
Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment
Byrna Technologies
CB Financial
Communications Systems
Community Bankers Trust
Conifer Holdings
Deerfield Healthcare
Donegal Group
Employers Holdings
EZGO Technologies
FG Financial Group
Fuel Tech
Great Elm Capital
Great Elm Group
Greenlight Re
GSE Systems
Hallmark Financial Services
Hill International
Hudson Global
Inotiv dba for Bioanalytical Systems
Inter Parfums
Kingsway Financial Services
Liberated Syndication
Limbach Holdings
LSB Industries
Mackinac Financial
The Marketing Alliance
MVB Bank
National American University Holdings
Oncotelic Therapeutics
Orion Group Holdings
Plastec Technologies
Portman Ridge Finance
Puhui Wealth Investment Management Co.
Senmiao Tehnology Limited
SFC Energy AG
Star Equity Holdings
Sterling Construction
u-Blox Holding AG
United Insurance
WillScot Mobile Mini